10 of the most loyal dog breeds

One of the main reasons we love dogs so much is because of how loyal they are. They love to follow us wherever we go. Sometimes, they insist on sleeping in the bed with us or protecting us from the dreaded doorbell! Their loyalty knows no limits, and could probably be best measured in how much they miss us when we are not home. Then, you also have the incredibly touching photos of dogs who refuse to leave their owner’s side even when they have passed (google photo of dog at soldier’s funeral). It is a beautiful and sweet thing, really. They are amazing creatures, and I don’t know what we would do without them in our lives.

There are so many breeds that are inherently loyal and will always be buy their human companion’s side. Well, we decided to show you 10 of the most loyal dog breeds. Check them out and let us know what you think. Does your dog make the list? Tell us in our comments section below.

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  • Toni

    I could only see 1-7 due to ads. And why do you always use Weimaraners in pics but they are never in the article!

    • pokeyau

      We will have a post soon of some of our favorite Weimaraners! Be on the look out!

  • Beatrice NcFarland

    I have a silver toy poodle and he is the most loyal and loving dog, Poodles bever seem to be mentioned in articles about lap dogs either, He sure loves me unconditionally.

  • Sheila

    My pitbull is a rescue <3, and he's the most loving and loyal dog I've ever had.

    • pokeyau

      Pitbulls are an amazing breed. We love them so much, and agree they are incredibly loyal.

  • tina

    weimaraners were in the list and i agree …i have 2 and they are very protective and loyal and do make great guard dogs…my one is so loyal that she has separation issues when i am not here and is very excited when we return home…

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