10 of the most loyal dog breeds

6) Irish Wolfhound

Among the oldest dog breeds, the first recorded Irish Wolfhound appeared around 300 BC. Used for hunting wolves, deer, boar and elk, they’re among the largest breed of dog with long, tall limbs, dark round eyes and a long, curved tail. A good companion dog that is friendly even with strangers, the Irish Wolfhound requires plenty of daily exercise in a secure area. Among the most legendary demonstrations of loyalty came from an Irish Wolfhound named Gelert who lived in England in the 1800s.


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  • Toni

    I could only see 1-7 due to ads. And why do you always use Weimaraners in pics but they are never in the article!

    • pokeyau

      We will have a post soon of some of our favorite Weimaraners! Be on the look out!

  • Beatrice NcFarland

    I have a silver toy poodle and he is the most loyal and loving dog, Poodles bever seem to be mentioned in articles about lap dogs either, He sure loves me unconditionally.

  • Sheila

    My pitbull is a rescue <3, and he's the most loving and loyal dog I've ever had.

    • pokeyau

      Pitbulls are an amazing breed. We love them so much, and agree they are incredibly loyal.

  • tina

    weimaraners were in the list and i agree …i have 2 and they are very protective and loyal and do make great guard dogs…my one is so loyal that she has separation issues when i am not here and is very excited when we return home…

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