Comforting Your Dog During Storms

For many dogs, thunderstorms are about the scariest thing imaginable. Some dogs cower and hide away during loud storms, while others tend to resort to much more concerning behaviors. In short, comforting your dog during a storm is a very important task for all dog owners. Here are the typical symptoms dogs exhibit during storms:

Typical storm or noise-triggered responses include pacing, panting and pawing (some dogs might also pee). Others drool; have dilated pupils; lean on or climb on human companions; bark or howl; hide in small places; chew on furniture, walls or floors; or try to escape through a window.

Storms clearly can be very traumatizing for our sweet four legged friends, but there are many solutions to helping them feel better. Here are a couple:

1) Human presence. Most dogs tend to panic more if they are alone. If a storm is predicted, try to arrange for a pet sitter or a stay at doggie day care.

2) Modifying the environment. Close curtains, turn lights on, muffle sounds or compete with them using TV or radio.

The key to helping your dog overcome this phobia is to try many different solutions, seeing which ones work best and implementing them every time. It can be difficult at times, but you must not give up! For more solutions and information on how best to comfort your dog during storms, please visit Lancaster Online.

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