Make a Guitar out of Your Dog?

Ever wanted your favorite pooch turned into …well how about a guitar!? Nashvillian luthier James Willis has done just that and has detailed the steps of his process in a series of photos (the last of which you see above). So if you have a big dog you love and want it crafted into a playable instrument, then perhaps give James a call and see if he can memorialize your dog forever!

The things people can do to commemorate their pets never ceases to amaze us!

Artist James Willis of Nashville, Tennessee makes beautiful handmade guitars, and this one is doggone special! The hound-shaped instrument is a commission for an auction to benefit the elderly dogs at Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary in Nashville. If you’re in ruv with this guitar, you can bid online and help pups at the same time!

dog shaped guitar and amp Source: Imgur
Article courtesy of : Bark Post

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