One of a kind service dog comes to the rescue

When we think of service dogs, we generally think of German Shepherds, Labradors, and Golden Retrievers; however, as you soon will find out, there are some special dogs out there who break the mold when it comes to being a service dog. Our friend, Jericho, is one of them.

The benefits Jericho adds to Smith’s life are in line with what an estimated 200,000 service dogs provide to people all over the country. Jericho is somewhat of anomaly, however, in that he’s a pit bull.

Jericho has been an incredible help to Matthew Smith. Smith, who is wheelchair bound, says that Jericho helps not only with his mobility but also with his anxiety. This is truly a beautiful story. To read more of Jericho and Matthew’s story, check out the Huffington Post. Way to go, Jericho!

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