Service dog and companion make history

It is amazing the things we can accomplish with our beloved dogs by our side. Well in the life of Tyler Gerdts, this was certainly the case as he and his two year old German Shepherd, Hugo, made history in the state of Iowa.

Tyler, who was born with a brain injury and has autism, is the first student-athlete to compete in cross-country with a service dog. His two-year-old German shepherd was trained to be an autism service dog specifically for Tyler and accompanies the teen everywhere he goes, from the classroom to the track field.

What a truly beautiful moment to share with your four-legged friend. According to Tyler, Hugo is not just a friend, but, instead, is his best friend.

The high school student says his service dog makes his life much easier. “I have a lot more people talk to me. And Hugo is my first real best friend. He is my number one friend,” Tyler told The Huffington Post.

This story reminds us that no matter what struggles we endure in lives, our dogs will always be there for us, no matter what. To read more about Tyler and Hugo’s story, please visit the Huffington Post.

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