[VIDEO] The Beautiful Rescue of Roo the Golden Retriever

What a beautiful story. For writer and documentary film maker, Brian Becker, finding a new dog was not as easy as he had hoped. In fact, it was two years in the making. The two year search was well worth it as fate brought Becker together with Roo, a beautiful, one year old Golden Retriever. Roo was a shelter dog at the time and sadly was on death row. Their meeting would ultimately save Roo’s life and give her a home that she was moments away from never seeing.

The story only gets better as Becker immediately decided to take Roo to get something she had never had or probably seen before: a brand new toy.

Becker took Roo from a dog that was afraid of everything – facing a death sentence – to a happy, healthy dog who passed by ropes and tennis balls… and picked out a stuffed hedgehog friend to keep her company in her new home.

Watch this sweet video and see Roo’s first experience at a pet store. For more on this wonderful story, head over to Headline News.

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